Thursday, 10 April 2014

Moral values: What happenned?

Initially I had made a post about child prostitution but I came to realise that l can not talk of child prostitution without talking of moral decadence. At first I will actually look at immorality in terms of infidelity.
The issue really is about these old men who date our younger sisters and these old women who date our younger brothers. I honestly do not understand why a 56year old married man would actually date a girl who is 18 or 20 years of age. This child is apparently old enough to be his or her child, why waste their time? Is the world in short supply of people your age? People who have seen it and done it all in the lives the same way you have. What is this really about? Is the love for money on the part of the Ben 10s and the younger girls or is it just a mere case of moral decadence?

I have heard some people actually say that they date these old men and women because they want these fancy gadgets, phones, clothes and whole lot of things. But the question that I would really like to pose is that: is this really worth it? Is it worth you sacrificing your body and your life? This can cost people their lives in terms of contraction of killer diseases and some could be unlucky to face their untimely death when they get caught up in a physical fight with their lovers’ partners.

As people continue to do this, a web of intersexions is created. Hypothetically speaking, girl A has a boyfriend, she also has a sugar daddy that has another girlfriend with a boyfriend, the sugar daddy has a wife who has a boyfriend who has a girlfriend who has a sugar daddy and a boyfriend. This actually increases the risk of transmission of diseases. It is also reflective of the moral decadence that is present in our communities and in our society as a whole.

I would not only speak of moral decadence in terms of sugar daddies and sugar moms but l will also go on to the social media. These include WhatsApp and Facebook (these are the most popular). In as much as the social media comes with certain freedoms, moral decadence is prevalent in these spaces. There are some Facebook pages which are not constructive at all. Pages where people post their semi-nude pictures and ask to be rated. Where some people actually brag about their bodies. I think its ok to be confident about yourself but to show the whole world your semi-nude picture is something else. For starters what would make you want to seek approval from the world about how you look if you were so confident about yourself. And even if you are the most beautiful person on that page what do you benefit?

People have actually gone to these pages to “celebrate” and embrace their feminity am told. But is there no other way of celebrating one’s feminity other than posing semi-nude for the world to see? Lingerie was designed to stay under your clothes not for it to become your clothes. They are called undergarments for a reason. I mean seriously how can one pose for a picture wearing undergarments. Maybe people are imitating those lingerie bikini models. Those people are advertising lingerie and what on earth are you advertising? Lingerie? Or lack of basic moral values?

WhatsApp has become notorious for breaking marriages because people actually take pictures of their reproductive organs and send to each other. What on earth is that? Why are people doing that? This totally beats mi. It’s like some people are on WhatsApp jus for the sole purpose of distributing pictures of their reproductive organs.


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