Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Child prostitution

At some point in my life I used to be a club animal, there was absolutely no weekend l would never go out with my friends. Though I went clubbing, l was not oblivious of the things that were happening around me, the things that actually touched my heart even though I had no control over them. I have seen females getting drunk to the extent that knockout and are taken out of the bar and l must say that I personally do not find that attractive at all. I think it is degrading and carries a lot of connotations and labels that society always comes up with.

I will relay an incident that really touched my heart.

There was a point in time when my friends and I were club hoping, we actually decided to a then hot bar. It was first time going to that place and I was a little excited. As we were looking for parking just next to the place, a girl who is about 15 years of age (estimation) appeared right in front of the car, she opened the hoodie she was wearing to reveal her breasts. At first l could not believe what l saw, l had heard of things like this happening but l had never seen it myself. What astonished me the most was that, the pair of breasts I was looking at was so small I could tell they belonged to a small child. I asked my friend if this was the trend and I was told that these were the youngest and cheapest prostitutes in town (US$1 for 2 they said). My heart literally broke; I could not believe how a little child like her could actually think of engaging in prostitution. I wondered how many more of them did that. I actually got mad at the fact that old men, family men actually got to pay for their services. I just could not get past the idea that these children were being “raped” every single day of their lives, for what? For a US $5 note? I am actually referring to rape in this instance because l feel like these children are under age and are not consenting adults therefore anyone who engages in any sexual encounter with them has committed statutory rape.

Child prostitutes seen at a local bar
One day I was happy to actually get to see a story on the front page of Sunday news about child prostitution. I was happy that someone had finally decided to bring the story to light, to alert the authorities of what was happening at these night spots. The story was mainly about how and why these children took to the streets to make money. l honestly hoped l would see a follow up story on that, maybe a reaction from the government authorities, child services or something but unfortunately I did not see any. This as I take it did not strike a responsive chord on any government authority. This is an issue of concern, what will become of our country if the future generations have absolutely lost their morality.

Honestly, at the age of 15 how much money do you need and for what? Parents or guardians take care of you and all you need to do is focus on your school work and stay in school.             I remember that when l was 15 years of age, l had no worries, no problems because all my “problems” would disappear after I was given candy. Yes, candy is what l needed to get my smile back.

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