Thursday, 17 April 2014

How prison saved my life

 I’m glad that 2certain girls’ schools in the city centre have invested in new durawalls. I don’t understand how schools such as this these can understand the concept of concealing children in the house and ordinary parents are completely escaped by the idea.  I grew up in a house that has, and still has, a high durawall (so high you can’t see the sunset) and an electric fence that works even when there’s no electricity. Am I saying turn your houses into high maximum security prisons? YES! Gone are the days when we wanted to keep people out nowadays we want to keep our children in. The game has changed and parents do not realise this. There’s now Whatsapp and Facebook bafethu.  I hate the fact that my parents raised me and all my sisters right and some other lazy parent is child rearing via Bluetooth and doesn’t really care where and what their child is doing and that child tries to impart their stupidity onto my sisters. Imma definitely catch a case for that crap.

 It’s now the holidays, and as a parent if you leave your child in the house with no supervision what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

 What’s your end game? Children’s laws state in black and white that they are too young to know better and yet here you are leaving them to act like adults and you get shocked when they actually do. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, I know this, and you know this. If you can’t be at home to watch the kids then get somebody who can or send them to somebody who can. Like your gogo in the kumusha there, she will teach them the struggle and they will come back with their eye on that paper-chase (both the degree and money.) You probably thinking, “Nah,my child is a good child. She wouldn’t possibly. She ain’t like them other dumb kids that got pregnant.” You are so stupid I now see where your child gets it from. Your child is the dumbest of the lot. Check her arm. You will probably find a family planning device in her arm that allows her to have unprotected sex without the possibility of reproducing. (Told you that you are as dumb as your kid.)

NewStartCenter is implanting these things for free and your teenage kids all know it. (Yes, I’m laughing at the look you probably have on your face right now.) Nor plants can’t protect you from AIDS. Don’t worry about the baby we can see, worry about the disease we can’t see that will eat you from the inside (politically incorrect but who cares?) They must know that this is a life threatening case of false sense of security. I understand that as parents you are on your grind to make that money and provide for these parasites. But at the end of the day, they need things from you that money can’t buy like values, morals, virtue and all those good things. What good will it do for the child to gain all the material things and lose his soul? (Yes, I brought the bible into this.)

 Happy holidays!!!

 Thembelihle Terry-Lynne Zulu

 (@TheComplicatxn on Twitter)

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