Friday, 4 April 2014


Feminists according to me are people who think that they can save the entirety of female species in the world by emancipating them. They believe that women should have equal rights with the male species. According to the feminist studies l have learnt, l know that there are different waves of feminists fighting for different causes though the ultimate goal is to emancipate women. One that interests me the most is raunchy culture perspective of feminism. These believe that raunchy culture can make males subjects of the female, that is, there is reversal of roles in the sense that the men are turned into sex objects who fall for the naked female bodies.

Feminism in Zimbabwe is still on a relatively small scale. I would like to believe that it would take time before women can actually go radical and truly feminist because of socialisation. Women have been socialised in such a way that they believe that marriage is their chief end and man in such a way that they want to be the decision makers and dictators, which whatever they say goes. It has been this way since time immemorial.

In as far as l can remember l have only heard of a few women who have actually left their homes because they could not get equal rights. I think it will take a while before the feminism wave takes over in Zimbabwe.

I will not dwell much on feminism because I have asked a feminism blogger Sithabiso Ndlovu to shed more light on the issue of feminism on my next post.

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