Thursday, 3 April 2014

Life after varsity

It’s towards end of semester and I am so excited that I will be finishing soon. I am doing everything for the last time (I suppose). Everyone is talking about submitting their final year projects or dissertations, exams, results, graduation and closing schools. So much seems to be happening in a short space of time. There is so much to do and everyone just can’t wait to finish and leave varsity.

I too am so happy but l would describe me as not so happy, instead I have mixed feelings. Happy, stressed, excited and worried. I thought l was the only one with those feelings until I spoke to a friend of mine. He instead did not have mixed feelings; he just told me that he wishes he could go back to first year. He was worried about whether or not he will get a job after graduation, how he will somehow have to take care of his family especially since he knew that there is a long period before graduation and before the semester’s results are out.

He told me that he was afraid he will not get a job for a very long time and he can’t afford not to get a job. He told me that should he fail to get a job in the next two years he might end up having to become a thief. It was actually amusing that of things he would actually think of stealing for a living.

However I think l can relate to him somehow, there are over a thousand graduates who graduate from tertiary institutions every year. The majority of these graduates are unemployed and are having a tough time making ends meet. Some are over 25years of age and still unemployed, some have been recruited as temporary teachers but that does not do much to reduce the number of unemployed graduates.

I too am afraid of being unemployed for a very long time and doing nothing except sitting at home and become part of the furniture at home. I am really happy about finishing my undergraduate degree but I am afraid I won’t be employed.

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